Why We Think You Want A Dock But Just Don't Know It

4 Reasons Why We Think You Want A Dock But Just Don't Know It

I recently gave one of our Certified Apple Docks to a good friend of mine. She is not super techie to say the least and at first she had no idea what to do with it. A few weeks later she thanked me for the dock and told me that she would never use a cable again, "its just so much easier and better with this dock thing you gave me."

This inspired me to write a blog about the reasons why we think you want a dock but just don't know it.


1. Case Compatible

Most of our docks are case compatible so you wont have to take your case on and off to dock, and a lot of them will even work with some of the dual layered rugged cases. Not sure if your case will work? Email us and we will let you know.

2. Doubles as a cable and alarm clock

We may be biased but we think our docks are the BEST way to charge up your phone. Not only does it keep your phone upright so you can still easily view and use it. It is also easier to plug and unplug than a cable. Plus you can use it to sync up to your computer for a fast dump of photos to free up space on your phone.

3. Safe

All of our docks go above and beyond safety. For example, we certified our Apple Dock to ensure that your iPhone charges every time even after ios updates, and we designed our Type C gear to include the Resistor value 56kO which ensures the safety of your Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S8. Plus, every single one of our docks has a power protection circuit.

4. Designed to look good and last

Our docks are made with the highest quality plastic copper shielding and nickel plated connectors to ensure fast stable and reliable data connections while syncing. They are designed to be sleek and modern, and every single one is backed with our awesome hassle free warranty.

One last thing.

Rusty loves our docks too! ;) #rustyanddustytribe

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