There is an exciting thing happening in the world of smart phones and it is called Type C, and no we are not talking about the personality type.

If you haven’t heard of USB-C (aka Type C) you will soon enough because it is the latest form of USB connection technology and it is replacing the world of cables as we know it. In other words, you will most likely see it in the next phone, computer and tablet you buy. And that is a good thing. For the first time ever, USB-C will provide power, data transfer AND video display through one single connection. It will replace a lot of the cables that you have lying around, and will soon render your 3.5mm audio jack obsolete. Plus, no matter which way you plug it in you will get the charge, because Type C cables are reversible in more ways than one. You can already find USB C in some of the most popular devices around including the 12-inch MacBook, the HTC 10 , LG G6 and Google Pixel , Nintendo Switch and Samsung 8. And unlike previous USB connections this USB plans to replace BOTH ends of the cable! Which has already caused some growing pains for those that have the new cable in a world still dominated by lightning cables and micro USB devices. But we think that even with these growing pains that you are going to love the USB-C (eventually).




Still not convinced?!





Here are the top 5 reasons you want USB-C even with the growing pains that come with it.  


1. Its Fast.

Just make sure you are getting the right cable that can protect your device from pulling too much power from your laptop or power bank.


2. It’s just going to keep getting better!

Right now a lot of the features that are really great about USB-C are not created equal across all devices, but the good news is that the features are going to keep getting better as more and more devices include them!


 3. It is the future.

And it is here to stay, so even if you don’t want it, you’re most likely getting it anyway one way or another! Plus it equals flexibility, better sound quality,  thinner devices with less ports, and faster better data transfer.


 4. USB-C is extra reversible, and a lot easier to plug in.

Not only is the plug itself reversible but the cable itself is also reversible, you can plug in either end and it will work.


 5. Replaces your 5mm audio jack and hdmi cables.

In fact, we recommend that you go through that cable box you have lying around somewhere and get rid of the majority of them ;) Check out Best Buys electronic recycling program!







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