What is the Perfect Apple Cable Length

What is the Perfect Apple Cable Length

When we started RND Power Solutions, the goal was to make mobile accessories that made lives easier. When Apple released their iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the devices would include a 3FT charging cable. There were many times that we wanted to charge and watch the iPad. If you were lucky, you would have an outlet close to the bed or the couch for charging and watching your device. We saw a void in the market for longer-length cables.

We started with the 6FT Apple cable length. 6FT was a great length because it gave you the distance to sit on the couch, bed, or at your desk to watch and charge the device. 6FT was the longest distance at that time, Apple would provide MFI certification.

The next cable we designed was the 1.5FT cable. We produced the length to solve the issue of having the cable too long. When the iPod became popular, many people used their iPod to play music in their cars. The standard 3FT cable was too long, and you had to wrap the cable to make it shorter. Another challenge of the 3FT length was charging your phone in the car. The only time we used a different-length cable was to charge our kid's devices. We would use the 6FT cable because it was the perfect length to reach the back seat.

When Apple released the specifications for the 10FT length, we quickly developed and released the cable. 10FT is a lot thicker cable that includes additional requirements to charge and sync data across the entire length of the cable. 10FT is a perfect cable when you need to run the cable around corners or through the wall for an entertainment system. We developed cables for companies that created kiosks for restaurants.

In summary, it can be difficult to determine the best apple cable length. Different cable lengths provide different advantages, so it is important to evaluate what you need and find a cable that fits the bill.
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