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About Us

 We believe in gear that makes sense, technology that makes life easier, and designs that are always getting better.

Our promise to you: products we love and can stand behind, hassle free friendly tech support, and an awesome warranty to boot!

RND is a small family owned US company based out of California making essential gear to keep you charged up and ready for life’s adventures.

Stay Innovative. Stay Honest. Adventure Always.

Sectors and Industries

RND specializes on creating and designing electronic components and power solutions to the following sectors and industries:  

  • Emergency Services
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Education
  • Energy Services
  • Communication
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing 
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Goods

RND was founded by Rusty and Dusty, two tiny dogs and their beloved owners which include one wife, two brothers, and a best friend.

We started RND because we were all smart phones enthusiasts who were frustrated with the non-existent battery life and the poor quality products available for Smart Phones. At the time there were no good solutions available, so we started selling extended batteries and cradles to keep our smart phones charged and connected – with a focus on providing the freshest batteries out there to consumers. This quickly expanded to cables, chargers and other high quality products that help make life easier while keeping our customers connected.

We believe in smart, affordable, long lasting products designed with a hassle-free warranty to back them up. We strive to provide the best customer service around.

RND Power Solutions develops a lot of products to fulfill the needs that others can’t. Our goal is to be first on the market so that our customers can start using their devices to their full potential as soon as possible.

We develop products for specific devices – ensuring a better fit.

We are constantly upgrading our products using customer feedback. Recently this led to the development of a desktop docking station that includes a USB port – a feature that allows our docks to charge your wearables at the same time as your phone.

This, along with our NFC and Bluetooth technology, allow our docks to be used with our new Ripple Bluetooth Speakers keeping both devices charged while providing a smart audio out docking option.

Our latest products include a Smart USB Tower and some new wall chargers and powerbanks that include a high quality cable already attached to the device making them that much more convenient!

We also just released our Type C gear! All of our gear is certified, or meets certification standards meaning your devices are always safe when you use RND.

Of course our best selling product is our Apple Certified Lightning Cable, which is always getting updated to fit Apples strict certification process. It is now reversible and slimmer than ever!

Since the beginning, we have always strived to be as green as we can be. We know that the business of manufacturing goods can be harmful to the environment with all of the excess carbon and packaging. We currently use recycled boxes, and we also previously used  biodegradable bubble mailers (we are currently looking for a new company who makes these, if you know anyone please message us!). We also offset our carbon use from shipping whenever possible. We use reusable water bottles in the office and always recycle our e-waste if we can’t find a way to donate it to someone in need. We plan to keep moving forward in our green initiatives and we are always looking for ways that we can support a sustainable consumer market.