Collection: USB-C

Cell phone, computer, and laptop makers like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and LG are ditching the old micro-usb and power adapters, and upgrading to the new type-c connector. The days of lugging around a 5-pound power adapter block are numbered. The MacBook and the ChromeBook Pixel are using the new standard to charge, and power the devices in favor of being portable and light weight. Samsung launched the new connector with the Note 7, and customers refused to return the phone back, even with the risk of exploding.

There are many benefits of the type-c cable that made it easy for manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon. USB needed to catch up to Apple’s lightning cable and compete with the reversible connector. Users are now able to plug in the cable into their charger and device without looking. The 3.1 specification can connect to a 4K monitor, and broadcast a beautiful display. Other noticeable features include faster charging and data transfer speeds.


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