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RND Power Solutions USB-C solutions are a perfect match for your Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller. Pick from our wide selection of chargers and charging stations, offering multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and Type-C ports for powering and charging your accessories. Take your device on the go, and pick up a portable charger for the car or a wall charger for the hotel room. Pair the charger with a Type-C cable and select the length that fits your needs.

Additional information for the Nintendo Switch Console

The hype is real with the Nintendo Switch selling almost 3 million devices in the first month of release, and breaking the original sales forecast of 2 million. Consoles flew out the store doors so fast breaking records and grabbing the spot for the fastest selling home console in history. Retail and online stores were sold-out, and the few items that did make it to the stores were purchased quickly.

Nintendo took a risk and designed the Switch to be mobile, and not follow the standard home conventions of gaming consoles. The tablet packs a lithium ion battery that lasts for about 3 to 6 hours of gaming, depending on the software being used. The Nintendo Switch charger included with the tablet is an AC to usb-c charger. The usb-c, also known as ‘Type-C’ is the Nintendo Switch cable that is used to charge and power all Nintendo Switch Accessories. The cord is a new standard that has been adopted by major brands including Apple for the MacBook, Samsung for the Galaxy S8, and other brands for their devices.