Apple Lightning Cables

The Benefits of Having Longer Cables For Your Cell Phone or Tablet

We’ve all been there—the dreaded “low battery” notification on our iPhone, Samsung, or Android devices. It seems like no matter how often you charge your phone or tablet, the battery just doesn’t last long enough. And what do we do? We scramble for an outlet, plug in our charging cables and hope that they reach far enough so we can use it while it’s charging. 

How It All Started

One day, I was on my couch, and my iPhone notification displayed that there was 5 percent battery life left. I found the 3FT lightning cable Apple provides to charge your phone. The challenge was using the phone while charging. This experience created an idea for developing extra long cables for both iPhone and Android devices.  

Extra Long Cables

The first iteration of long apple cables was for the Apple 30-Pin cable for iPhone and iPads. We continued developing Apple cables as Apple changed their cable specifications. Today, we offer 6FT cables for both Lightning to USB and Lightning to USB-C (Type-C). We offer 10FT cables for Lightning to USB if you need more distance.

Apple MFI Certification Process 

All Apple products developed will be tested and certified by Apple. You can identify certified cables by the logos "Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod". It's important to use products that are certified by Apple to ensure that the product meets the minimum Apple requirements to charge and sync data.

When a product is developed, the manufacturer notifies Apple and applies for a MFI certification. Apple requires a lot of data about the company and how the product will be used with the device. After the initial request is approved, the manufacturer will send the item in packaging to the Apple labs.

Apple Labs will conduct all their tests based on the specifications and requirements outlined for manufacturing. They will also review the packaging to ensure they meet all standards logos are being used correctly.

After the approval process, Apple will notify the manufacturer and provide them a Project Plan Id with all the item numbers listed that are approved to be manufactured and tested.

Manufacturers will apply for new certifications when new chips are released by Apple. Manufacturers also apply for certifications when new color ways, additional lengths, or modifications to the product are released.


If you are tired of trying to find an outlet and the standard lightning cable is to short to reach. Pick-up an extra long cable to extend the distance you need to charge, power, and use your phone or tablet. Make sure that the manufacturer is certified by Apple has credibility in the marketplace. 

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