Until I Fall Pickleball Shirt Design

The Inspiration Behind the 'Until I Fall' Pickleball Design.

Last summer, I thought I'd seen it all when it came to virtual reality gaming. But then one day it finally happened – the inspiration for a pickleball design emerged from a VR game! Honestly, I never realized that something so random could spark an idea. It's just another way of reminding myself that you can find inspiration anywhere.

The Design Process

When I was thinking about what I wanted the design to be, I realized that most everyone else would go with a safe, predictable look. That just wasn't going to do it for me. No, I wanted something that would get people talking and make them do a double take! That was why the idea of skeletons and the afterlife resonated so much with me: it promised to be unique and edgy at the same time. Skeletons have always had this amazing kind of alluring quality about them when used in fashion, and I knew by incorporating this design into streetwear, it would bring a freshness unlike any other – one that would be stylish and stand out from the crowd! It's a sight you've likely never seen before – a pickleball player rising from the ashes, paddle in hand and ready for another match! 

Color and Print

There's something about the monochrome combination of black and white that always manages to make an impact; it's simplistic and timeless at the same time. We used the two tone combination to make the skeleton stand out and make a statement. 

When it comes to print and material, we focus on quality. All pickleball shirts are cut and sewn and high-quality screen printed. We do not use print on-demand services. Our shirts are soft and the colors stay vibrant longer. 

Pickleball Streetwear

Nothing says confidence like wearing the latest trend or rocking a classic look with a twist. Whether you’re strolling around town this weekend or playing your heart out on the court, a stylish pickleball shirt will turn heads and start conversations. Checkout the Pickleball Shirt, Until I fall.

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Pickleball Streetwear