The Story Behind the Flaming Pickleball Shirt Design

The Story Behind the Flaming Pickleball Shirt Design

Pickleball players understand that it's not only the talent on the pickleball courts but also the style and fashion choice that sets them apart from other Pickleballers. The Flaming Pickleball shirt is one way many pickleball players express their identity while on the court, watching a tournament, or on the street. 

The Flaming Pickleball shirt is a unique and one-of-a-kind design that was created to help promote the sport of pickleball. The story of how this design came to be is a fun and interesting one. 

The original plan when we started RND streetwear was to release two designs, "No Mercy" and "Until I Fall". Both designs are unique and has different type of perspectives and vibes. The flaming pickleball came to life when we were thinking about sleeve designs for a hoodie. The designer misinterpreted the concept and came up with a left breast design for a shirt. We like the design so much, that we created additional design with the smoke on the back. This was the first design that incorporated multiple colors and didn't include skeletons.  

Since we released the design in September 2022, the popularity of the shirt has been increasing. Pickleballers have reached out letting us know that they love the design and the quality. The shirts are made of 100% cotton, custom cut and sewn, and screen printed for the highest quality product.  They’re comfortable to wear and they look good too. So if you’re looking for a new shirt to wear while playing pickleball, consider picking up the flaming pickleball shirt

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