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Apple lightning cables, portable iPhone usb chargers, and accessories

The RND cord is a perfect match for you cell phone, and is available in multiple color options and different lengths to match individual’s personality and charging needs. Our portable chargers and docks are convenient for charging your iPhone 7 at the office, in the car, or at your home. The licensed charging stations are stylish and works great with and without a case.

Additional information for the Apple iPhone 7

Apple did it again with the release of the iPhone 7 cell phones, placing it on the best-selling list in in the first quarter of 2017. The device introduced additional features, attributes, and improvements over the past year’s model.

The new smart phone packed a punch with the A10 64-bit quad-core chipset that runs 40% faster, and less power consumption. The battery life was extended by at least 2 hours of daily use, and a 25% brighter screen display. Fans are excited that they can take a dip in the pool with a rating of IP67, making it water and dust resistant.

The phone is offered in various colors silver, gold, rose, red, gray, and black. Customers flocked to the matte and jet black models covering more than 65% of sales. The lowest percentage of sales went to the silver and gold models.

The biggest shocker was the lack of the 3.5mm headphone jack. If customers wanted to use their existing headphones with the audio connector, they would have to use a lightning to 3.5mm adapter. Other iPhone users turned to Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, and speakers. The RND Ripple Bluetooth speaker is great companion to take to the beach, camping trips, and to the pool. The Ripple includes two front speakers and a rear sub-woofer. 

Bigger the better, and say 'let it go', no more 16GB. The models are starting with 32GB, and up to a 256GB storage options. No more stressing about downloading your videos or pictures to free up space for your mega music library. 

Hands free while driving is the law in many states. For your safety, and others take a look at the RND car mount. Easy to assemble, and attaches to your front window for easy viewing. No more picking up your phone to check waze or maps while navigating to your destination.