Pokémon GO is an infamous battery-hog. If it's left to run on its default settings, it can easily gobble up 90% of your phone's battery usage in a single day.

Here are some tips to save your battery life:

Download offline maps of the areas you're hunting Pokémon in

Turn on Pokémon GO's battery-saver mode

Turn off your phone's auto-brightening and dim your screen

And stay charged using one of our docks, power banks and phone accessories!

These are some of our favorites for Pokemon hunting.

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Compact Dual USB Wall Charger and Car Charger
RND 2.1 Amp  Dual USB Car Charger
2-Pack Iphone cables-White
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RND Car Mount (Holder/Dock) for iPhone (includes 6ft lightning cable) (7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, SE) (Compatible with or without a case) (Black)
RND Dual 3.4A (fast) USB car charger for iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, MP3 Players and Gaming Devices
RND Fast Charging 4 amp USB Type-C Car Charger
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RND Slim-Fit Active Sports Armband Case for iPhone (6/6S) and Samsung Galaxy (S4/ S5 /S6) (black)
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RND Vehicle Charging Dock for the Google Nexus 6  (Compatible with or without a slim fit case.)
RND Vehicle Charging Dock for your LG (Compatible with or without a  case.)