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RND Power Solutions

2.1A Power Station for Cell Phones

2.1A Power Station for Cell Phones

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Designed to be both intuitive and space saving, our wall station promises to keep you charged up and organized.


RND Power Solutions charging station includes three outlets, and two USB ports, allowing you to charge all of your digital devices in one convenient location.

Our charging station features a 2-port hub capable of charging 2 USB-powered devices at the same time. USB port features a combined 2.1 amps for fast charging of iPads and tablets.

RND Power Solutions charging station also has built-in protection against power spikes protecting your devices from overheating.

Our charging station securely mounts to any vertical 2-socket outlet or three prong plug in any outlet space.

RND Power Solutions charging station includes 2 slide-out holders for your smartphone. The holder work best with phones that have the cable port at the bottom like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

The slide out holders on the sides of our wall charger actually pull open to the side to provide more space to fit your phone with its case on.Just pull them down to rotate them open from a closed position, and then pull the sliders out horizontally to make them wider. (They measure about 3.25 inches when pulled out all the way)

These sliders fit most phones and cases, but not all.

For example, it will not fit a lot of the Samsung Note Phones even without a case, and will fit the iPhone 6 Plus but only with a very thin case on.

Charge up to 5 electronic devices

3 AC Ports
Plug in and charge or power smartphone, tablets, lamps, smaller electronic devices and more.

2 USB Charging Ports
2.1A/5V combined maximum output. Plenty of power to charge 2 smartphones or other devices.

Dual Phone Holders
Keep the phone accessible and avoid clutter using the convenient acrylic pull-out holders. Easily fold back into place when not in use.  Bottom cutouts accommodate all charging cables.
Phone Width Maximum Supported: 2.8inches (73mm)

RND Power Solutions charging station  has built-in protection against power spikes.

Easy Application
RND Power Solutions charging station securely mounts to any 2-socket outlet or plug in any outlet space.

Compatible with but NOT limited to:
- Apple iPhone (7, 6S, 6, 5, 5C, 5S, SE)
- Apple iPad (Air, Mini, Pro)
- Apple iPod Touch
- Apple Watch
- Samsung Galaxy (S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge)
- Samsung Note (3, 4, 5)
- LG (G3, G4, G5, V10)
- HTC One
- HTC 10
- OnePlus (1, 2)
- Google Nexus (4, 5, 6P)
- Moto (X, G)
- Sony Smartphones
- Blackberry Smartphones
- Microsoft Smartphones
Compatible with virtually all USB Devices

- 2-port USB charger (5V, 2.1A Combined).
- 3 AC Outlets
- Input voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
- Rated power: 1,800 Watts
- Rated current: 15 Amps
- Energy rating: 540 Joules
- Clamping voltage: 500V
- Protection modes: L-N, L-G, and N-G
- Maximum spike current: 36,000 Amps
- Maximum spike voltage: 6KV
- EMI/RFI attenuation: 30dB
- LED light indicator
- UL and cUL approved
- Phone Width Maximum Supported: 2.8inches (73mm)

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