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No Mercy Pickleball Series - Tough Dual-Layer Phone Case for Apple iPhone

No Mercy Pickleball Series - Tough Dual-Layer Phone Case for Apple iPhone

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Calling all pickleball warriors! RND Power Solutions is serving up the Pickleball No Mercy Tough Case - a top-tier protective case engineered specifically for Apple iPhone devices. Our cases are crafted with the precision and toughness of a seasoned pickleball player, featuring dual layers for that extra dose of durability and protection. The exterior shell, made from hard-hitting polycarbonate, is ready to take on the daily grind just like a pro on the pickleball court. With the Pickleball No Mercy Tough Case, your phone will be as protected as a well-played baseline shot!

  • Defense: Crafted with a 100% polycarbonate shell, this case is ready to withstand any dive or dive roll you bring to the pickleball court. It's tough, just like your game.
  • Double Trouble Protection: With a dual-layer design featuring a 100% TPU lining, it's like having a backhand and forehand ready to protect your gear from any unexpected drops.
  • Charge Without Limits: Keep the energy flowing without any wires holding you back! Supports wireless charging to keep your device powered up for every match (Note: MagSafe might sit this match out).
  • Style Your Serve: Whether you're a glossy finish fan, get the look that matches your on-court swagger. Finish are as sleek as your pickleball serve.
  • Connectivity Uncompromised: With clear, open ports, your device stays as connected as you are to your pickleball community. No missed calls, just missed shots.
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