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Badass Motocross 9 Sticker Pack

Badass Motocross 9 Sticker Pack

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Alright, listen up here ya bunch of 2-strokers! This here is the ultimate RonnieMac 9 Sticker Pack. It's got all your favorite sayings and more, straight from the king of moto himself.

First off, we got TWO "4-Strokes Suck" Character Bumper Stickers. One in the colors of freedom - RED, White, And Blue, and another one in bold red brush stroke 'cause subtlety ain't my style.

Next up, there's the "I Eat Ass" Character bumper sticker. In red, with a brush stroke, 'cause why the hell not?

Then we got the "Ride Red, Get Head" character bumper sticker. Also written in red with a brush stroke, 'cause that's how I roll.

You'll also get the "Only two strokes" character bumper sticker. Simple. Straightforward. True.

And just to piss off those 4-stroke lovers, there's a sticker of yours truly peeing on a 4-stroke sign.

Then, to cool off, you got Ron's Blue Ribbon Beer sticker. Nothing beats a cold one after a wild ride.

Don't forget the Route 69 RonnieMac sticker. 'Cause everybody loves a good ride'.

And lastly, the "Mixing Gas, Eating Ass" sticker. That's the RonnieMac way of life, baby!

So, grab this pack and let 'em know you're a true badass who rides hard, parties harder, and never, ever rides a 4-stroke, because 4-STROKES SUCK 🤘

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